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U.K., Canada and Australia sign-ups available soon. is the premier new website for birders and twitchers interested in searching for friends and dates in the birding community.

Whether you are looking for a birding friend or a birding lover, Birdwatcher Buddy creates a fun and comfortable environment where you can search from the privacy of your own home! No need to get muddy for this search!

You can go on birding trips together or plan to see the world together and look for that special bird. We also welcome members who love to share bird and nature photography, botanical study, butterfly discovery and other nature passions.

Won't it be wonderful to share your backyard birding stories or possibly blend your birding habitats together one day?  It truly makes life worth living to share a passion with a loved one or a special friend.

Birdwatcher Buddy also promotes finding that special non-romantic birding buddy, someone you can bird with while visiting a new town or in your own area. Don't wait and sign up today and start your search for the "rarest bird" of all!

Please fill out our quick registration form and start searching today. Membership is free. Happy Searching!

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